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Scope of Reports
If you observe behavior or situation committed by the Board of Directors, employees or representatives of the PTTEP Group that may violate laws, Good Corporate Governance and Business Ethics and other regulations of the PTTEP Group, you can submit your report or complaint with sufficient information and evidences to the PTTEP Group. The following will not be under the scope of reports
 - Reports which do not contain sufficient details or description to initiate an investigation.
 - Reports which have already been resolved and do not have additional significant details provided.
 - Reports which related to the Companys policy or have been resolved by the Board of Directors or the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

A simple guideline for reporting a concern to us:
 1. Let us know in details of what happened. You will be asked a series of questions regarding your concern.

 2. Provide us your contact details for effective communication. However, if you want to remain anonymous, we can communicate with you through this website.

 3. When you submit your report, a Report Number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be generated for you to use this website in order to follow up on your report or provide additional details regarding your concern.

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     What type of misconduct are you reporting?*
Wrongful acts
Asset misappropriation 
Inappropriate accepting of gifts, hospitalities or other benefits 
Fraudulent financial reporting 
Other misconducts
Non-compliance with laws and regulations, and disrespect culture 
Political partiality 
Human resources
Unequal treatment 
Illegal drugs and substances and alcohols 
External assignment/off-duty activities of management and employees 
Use and protection of information and assets
Inappropriate information disclosure to public 
Use of inside information 
Poor protection and maintenance of assets 
Conflicts of interest 
Procurement and contracts 
Anti-corruption practices 
Money laundering 
Safety, Security, Health, and Environment 

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   Details of your concern: 
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   Please identify where the issue occurred* 

    Details of people you would like to report:  

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   Supporting document of this concern

*Please do not upload the file with the size exceeding 100 MB.
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You may also submit supporting documents of your concern to the Corporate Secretary Division at

   Other information 

    How did you become aware of this confidential reporting channel of the PTTEP Group?

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Please provide us your information  

We encourage you to provide us your contact details for effective communication. in case there are circumstances requiring us to contact you such as requesting additional information useful for the investigation process. However, if you do not wish to do so, we can communicate with you through this reporting channel.
Relationship with PTTEP

Your relationship with the PTTEP Group  
Once you click the "Submit" button, please wait to receive the confirmation, Report Number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), and instructions to follow up your concern or to provide additional details of such concern.

           Your report has been submitted to the designated contacts at the PTTEP Group. Your report will be handled promptly and confidentially.

           A unique Report Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) have been assigned to this report. This confidential identification will permit you to log on to this website to follow up or provide additional information on this report. You may return to this website at any time to provide additional information related to your concern.

Report number: 

           If you provided an e-mail address, you may receive an e-mail from requesting that you return to this website to view a response from PTTEP.

           If you didnt provide an e-mail address, please regularly return to this website because we may need additional information related to your concern.

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