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                   Reporting misconducts or suspected violations of the law or Good Corporate Governance and Business Ethics of PTTEP Group (CG&BE) is crucially important in protecting us from reputational damages or other potential consequences. To ensure we are aware of and respond to all such suspected violations in a timely manner, the Corporate Secretary Division manages the CG Hotline channels to receive reports or complaints regarding possible violation of laws, CG&BE and any other regulation of the PTTEP Group via the PTTEP website, PTTEP Intranet, e-mail, letter. Reports received via the CG Hotline channels will be passed to authorized persons within the PTTEP Group, which will ensure reports are dealt with in a strictly confidential and professional manner. You will be asked to provide your identity to allow your concern to be handled most effectively; however, anonymous reports will also be accepted.
                   We are committed to protecting anyone reporting a misconduct in good faith from all forms of retaliations such as change of job position or workplace, work suspension, dismissal, and any other form of discrimination. However, if there is an evidence that whistleblowers make a report in bad faith, the company will investigate and undertake disciplinary and/or legal actions as appropriate.

                  More details on the scope of the reports, escalation process and investigation procedures are disclosed in Whistleblowing Regulation  of the PTTEP Group. Moreover, for your further reference, you can download the Corporate Governance and Business Ethics Policy of the PTTEP Group   for further details on the Business Ethics of the PTTEP Group.  Please write to us at for any inquiries regarding the reporting procedures of the PTTEP Group. To submit or follow up on a report, please click the appropriate button below:

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